Friday Factoid: Customer Connection

Digital Strategy and Enablement

54% of employees get their best ideas from talking with colleagues. (Source)

70% of internet users are using social networks to connect, share content and stay informed. (Source)

89% say social positively affects business outcomes. (Source)

Online communities provide the opportunity to connect and collaborate in real-time for knowledge sharing, product development, provide feedback, share perspectives or experiences… for partners, customers, prospects and employees.

The Cisco Customer Connection Program (CCP) community enables customers and partners to gain exclusive access to interact with Cisco product teams through product early adopter trials, monthly NDA briefings, advisory groups, product enhancement crowd sourcing, and a private discussion forum.

With program goals of building customer loyalty (securing the base), advocacy, and wallet share, CCP members say the community is a trusted source of information and improves their deployment readiness. Program members tend to be the technical influencers at customer companies, e.g. Network Architects, IT Managers, and IT Directors.

Cisco Customer Connection highlights:

  • 98% of members say participating in the CCP has made them a stronger Cisco advocate and increased their likelihood to buy, recommend, and retain Cisco solutions
  • 17,000 members today and growing daily
  • 10,000 unique visitors to the CCP community quarterly
  • 80,000 page views within the CCP community quarterly
  • 3,000 content posts to the CCP community quarterly
  • 8,000+ participants in early product adopter trials
  • Visit the Customer Connection Program community to learn more.

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