Metacloud – Expanding the Cisco Cloud conversation


As a result of our acquisition of Metacloud, Cisco can now offer a turnkey, OpenStack-based private cloud deployment and management service to our customers.  Without Metacloud, OpenStack has a level of complexity and operational involvement that only Cisco’s absolute largest IT shops, generally higher-ed customers, can undertake.

Target customers:

  • Concerned about high price of VMware
  • Want to address shadow IT (Cloud Consumption)
  • DevOps Environment
  • OpenStack Experiences To Date

Benefits of Metacloud on UCS:

  • Single vendor IaaS platform – “one throat to choke”
  • Consistent and predictable performance
  • Ease of ordering with Metacloud on UCS bundles
  • Metacloud with ACI and InterCloud Fabric for Business coming mid CY15
  • Metacloud + UCS + ACI + InterCloud Fabric for Business   full Cisco cloud enabled platform
  • One server platform for all application needs

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