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Webinar – Cisco Datacenter Solutions The Nexus of Performance and Value – 3/16, 1:30 ET

Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS) has achieved the impossible – taking on the Goliaths of the server world and beating them. UCS has completely disrupted the server and datacenter market with a new and unique approach to datacenter architectures.

In this sesson we will educate you about the revolutionary technologies behind Cisco's Unified Computing Platform and how UCS and Nexus can drive significant improvements to your business while also dramatically lowering the operational and maintenance costs of your server environment.

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Webinar – Adopt the Power of Unification, Innovation and Scalability, Live Webcast Thurs 2/11, 2016, 1-2

Are you keeping pace with demands to enhance data center performance and scalability while maintaining operational efficiency?

Are you able to minimize data center complexity and disruption while deploying infrastructure and applications faster than ever before?

Join this interactive webcast to learn how you can unify computing, networking, and storage access under a common management platform, giving you the power to deploy infrastructure and applications faster with more control.

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UCS Test Drive – Farmington, Ct – 12/14 & 12/15

The Cisco Unified Computing System family of products is a next-generation computing solution based on industry-standard technologies and innovative management concepts. Cisco UCS redefines the way data centers use and deploy compute resources while reducing management overhead and increasing efficiency. This two-day course provides you with an architectural overview of the Cisco UCS and how it can be deployed to increase compute density, reduce the cabling, power, and cooling burdens, and accelerate server provisioning in both virtualized and non- virtualized environments for a variety of datacenter workloads.

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