Before sd-wan, there was… Cisco Intelligent WAN (IWAN) – REDUCE WAN COSTS!!!!


original post, 9/2/15 @ 16:24

Applications are lifting to the cloud, the Internet edge is shifting to the branch, and new business requirements are swiftly straining both the corporate LAN and WAN. It’s time to rethink your Branch-WAN strategy — simultaneously increasing productivity, reducing costs, and helping your business grow.

I want to call your attention to an exciting new architecture that Cisco developed in response to customer demands for increased WAN bandwidth at a lower cost called IWAN.

The value is that IWAN reduces private transport WAN costs by using public IP more efficiently for all traffic.  Think of IWAN as an overlay to the public IP circuit to optimize flow.

Intelligent WAN (IWAN) is a transport independentarchitecture that allows you to securely integrate Internet bandwidth for WAN connectivity to your branches (remote sites). It provides application optimized routing of network traffic.

This ensures that critical applications take the best available path while simultaneously load sharing other traffic across all available connections.

The ISR-AX routers are the cornerstone of the IWAN architecture.

Cisco’s goal is always to assist you in optimizing your network and to be your trusted IT partner.

Please contact me for more info and pricing for IWAN.

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