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Discover the Next Generation of Access Technologies to Enable Your Digital Business at Our Multigigabit Access Design Clinic – NY, NY 2/17/16 – 8:30am-1pm

With unprecedented speed, the new generation of Wi-Fi—802.11ac Wave 2— offers new levels of capacity that will power tomorrow’s workspace, transform networks, and drive digital transformation.

Along with 802.11ac Wave 2, multigigabit technology for access switching enables organizations to increase uplink speeds beyond 1Gbps without changing existing cabling.

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Don’t Let You Network Operations Stifle Growth – Meraki event – NYC, 6/4, 1:30-3:30

At the conclusion of the event, one lucky attendee will win an Apple Watch.

Businesses are creating a digital economy that is changing the IT landscape. Currently, 70 percent of companies say that network operations are holding them back from conducting and growing their business effectively.

Learn how to harness the strength of a cloud-managed network combined with
on-premise, managed IT. It’s the right solution in the right network area that allows for efficient scalability alongside organizational growth.

At this event, you’ll hear from Cisco networking experts about how agile, on-premise, and cloud-managed IT architectures can better align to your organizational needs and priorities.

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