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The Cost of Doing Nothing

Remember, if your network is down there is a real cost to the business. Did you know that you can cut your network downtime to just minutes per year by implementing the Cisco solution? That could save your business hundreds of thousands of dollars based on the research we have done together. Wouldn’t you agree that …

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Cisco February Month End – 2/26/16

Cisco’s month and quarter end dates can be confusing to clients and Cisco Partners. Therefore, I’m going to be informing everyone of critical dates as there may be an opportunity for incentives for Cisco learning credits, financing through Cisco Capital and discounts. Related: Cisco Live 2016, Las Vegas – 7/10-7/14 – Special Learning credit offer …

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Cisco Phone Trade-In Program for New Video Phones – Year End Promo!!!

I wanted to let you know about a program that Cisco is running for our best collaboration customers. There are a couple of programs that reward customers to trade-in their existing Cisco older phones toward the purchase of recently announced new Cisco phones. Now is the best time to upgrade your executive management team to the new 8645 or 8865 new video phone. Video will grow by 10X by 2020, by upgrading your management team you will prepare your organization for this transformative shift.

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Get Your Technology Today with No Payments Until 2016 FREE of Charge!! – Cisco Capital

Cisco Capital is here to help our US and Canadian customers stay competitive, profitable and efficient with many of the latest Cisco solutions. Cisco Capital customers who qualify can have a financial solution that does not require a large upfront cash investment, and offers up to a 3-month payment deferral on qualifying Cisco hardware, software and bundled services.

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How Are We Going to Pay for All This IoT? Cisco Capital President Kristine Snow Has the Answer!

The IoT industry is blowing up in all directions and the growth potential is huge. In fact, depending on which analyst you ask, it might be damn near unlimited. Well, with all those devices, from the edge to the network, getting connected, pulling data and analyzing the living daylights out of it, the costs can grow almost as fast as the number of devices.

Since enterprises especially will be shelling out big bucks for new system installments, or massive retrofits, an enterprise-level solution is needed to finance that kind of capital expenditure.

Enter Cisco Capital. Cisco’s financial arm operates as a financing house, funding purchases of Cisco technology solutions, providing credit lines to Cisco’s partners and offering refurbished products at discounted rates.

We spoke to Kristine Snow, President, Cisco Capital, to find out how she works with Cisco’s clients and partners to ease the road toward IoT implementation.

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CISCO CLOSES FISCAL YEAR 2015 ON JULY 25TH – still time to take advantage of incentives!!!

Cisco closes fiscal year 2015 this Sat, July 25th. Please note the following incentives you can still take advantage of: Cisco Year End Incentives – Everything from Datacenter, Cloud, Wireless, Switching, Security and Unified Communications. Double Your Cisco Learning Credits with Skyline for Year End!!! Upstate Territory Team – You are supported in the Upstate Territory Region by a strong …

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