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Security Luncheon Seminar – The New Security Model: Before, During, and After an Attack – NY, NY Lunch Maloney & Porcelli – 9/29, 11-2

In the real world, it's no longer a matter of “if” an attacker will get in, but “when.” Security professionals need to evolve their strategy from a point-in-time approach to a continuous model that addresses the full attack continuum before, during and after an attack.

BEFORE: You can't protect what you can't see. To defend against threats you need complete visibility of devices, operating systems, services, files, applications, users, vulnerabilities and more. How can you establish policies and controls across your network, applications and users without total visibility?

DURING: Advanced threats require advanced threat detection. Do you find yourself having to choose between performance and flexibility as you try to stop exploits, hackers, and other intrusions and attacks?

AFTER: Invariably attacks will be successful. Can you identify the point of entry, determine the scope of the damage, contain the event, remediate the issue and bring operations back to normal as quickly as possible?

In this free luncheon seminar we'll:
-Learn how Cisco research and development along with strategic acquisitions enhance and strengthen the overall security portfolio.
-Explore the Cisco approach to cybersecurity that is visibility-driven, threat-focused and platform-based
-Perform live attack demos that illustrate solutions to real-world problems
-Discuss the innovation of Cisco's security solutions from investments to acquisitions

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Remove Physical Boundaries – Lunch, Raffle and Interactive Discussion – Cisco & PCS – 7/14 (Cisco Farmington, Ct) 11-1 or 7/16 (Cisco Norwalk, Ct) 11-1

PCS Collaboration enables you to work freely with teams, partners, and customers - within and beyond your organization. The integrated capabilities of voice, video, conferencing, content sharing, instant messaging, and presence support collaboration at any time, from any device, from the browser to the boardroom.

We’ll answer these questions together, and attempt to solve the business problems associated with these questions during this interactive discussion.

We ask you...have the rules of engagement changed?

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Lunch and Learns!!

  Cisco’s Lunch and Learns are a great way to learn about a specific technology and/or technology trends, at your office with your Cisco team, who will also bring in lunch. Some topics include but are not limited at as they can be customized to your interest: UCS Trends in Datacenter Cisco Cloud and Intercloud …

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