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Webinar Pandit & Cisco: NBASE-T: Applications and Implementation of 2.5G and 5G in the Enterprise – May 10, 1pm EST

While the need for higher data rates in enterprise networks continues to increase, it has become apparent that applications such as wireless 802.11ac are already beyond 1G.

Until recently, customers had to move from 1G to 10G (which requires Category 6A) to get additional bandwidth, but now there are new products that can run at 2.5G and 5G. The goal of adding these intermediate speeds is to allow quick upgrades in networks that are simple to implement.

While new buildings will want to install 10G-capable Category 6A infrastructure to prepare for the future, enterprises can now give their existing wireless network a boost without having to upgrade the premise wiring.

This presentation, sponsored by Panduit, will discuss the applications driving the need for 2.5G and 5G networks, the types of products that are now being offered, and some insight as to how this can be implemented.

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