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Lobo Cisco Round Up Week Ending 8/28/15 – GSX & Apple/Cisco Partnership!


Summer may be over but the heat is still on at Cisco!

We just finished Cisco’s Global Sales Conference in Las Vegas last week (GSX) and in addition to outlining our FY16 strategy, we announced an exciting collaboration partnership with Apple!

We have some great local events in Ct, NYC as well as webinars and product announcements.

As always, any questions, please contact me anytime.


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Combining the Power of Cisco and Apple

In today’s world, technology is changing how we work every day. We’re always on the go – working from anywhere in the world at any time, and we’re increasingly dependent on our mobile devices to keep us connected. We want the best user experience regardless of where we are, and we want to know that we can always connect, that our connection is secure, and that our enterprise apps will simply work.

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