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Is your Data Center Right Sized??

Cisco can help with right-sizing, optimizing or scaling your Data Center Compute and Infrastructure specific to the performance of your Business Critical Applications. There are now 3 options related to UCS environment sizing that address critical customer applications: UCS Application Sizer – a web-based application sizer for Exchange, SAP, Oracle, SQL, and Peoplesoft.  It is …

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FREE Hadoop On-Demand Training!!!  Webinars

We’re excited to introduce FREE Hadoop On-Demand Training – a comprehensive curriculum that fulfills Hadoop certification requirements and includes engaging and interactive video lessons, hands-on exercises, labs and quizzes. If you’re a Hadoop developer, administrator or data analyst, you can now acquire valuable Hadoop skills and knowledge and get certified at your own pace. The …

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Cisco – SAP Hana Solution

              Instantly Access and Analyze Operational Data The SAP HANA is the next generation of SAP’s in-memory technology. This multipurpose, in-memory appliance gives organizations instant insight into business operations, while allowing them to react quickly to changing business conditions. SAP HANA lets business users immediately access, model, and analyze …

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