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Webinar – You’ve Already Been Hacked. Now What? Cisco Next-Gen Security Can Help – 2/3, 1:30pm

A lot of well-known companies with big names and big security budgets have been hacked recently. But the threat exists for everyone.

Did you know that over 41% of targeted aBacks last year were against organizaDons with fewer than 500 employees? Or that in Cisco’s most recent annual security report, 100% of corporate
networks examined had malicious traffic on them?

Chances are that you’ve already been hacked – you just don’t know it yet.

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David vs. Goliath – Cisco Takes On The Server Giants and Wins – Sep 30th @ 1:30 ET webinar

Join us for a Customer Education Series Webinar on Cisco UCS.

In this sesson we will educate you about the revolutionary technologies behind Cisco Unified Computing and how UCS can drive significant improvements to your business while also dramatically lowering the operational and maintenance costs of Dell, IBM/Lenovo and even HP!

Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS) has achieved the impossible – taking on the Goliaths of the server world and beating them. UCS has completely disrupted the server and datacenter market with a new and unique approach to datacenter architectures.

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