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Cisco Next Generation IPS (NGIPS) is #1 in the Gartner Magic Quadrant

-Deems Cisco's acquisition and integration of Sourcefire a success, both at the product and security research team levels
-Recognizes the breadth of Cisco IPS availability — NGFW, stand-alone, virtualized, in Cisco Routers, and UTMs (Meraki)
-Cites as a strength the availability of the tightly integrated Cisco AMP products, stating that Cisco is “competing well against stand alone and established advanced persistent threat (APT) solution vendors.”
-Reports some clients referring to a performance impact when also enabling AMP —> this reinforces the need to inform customers and partners regarding sizing considerations.
-Cautions that legacy Cisco IPS requires a different management console than Cisco NGIPS, but also in the caution highlights the progress Cisco is making regarding unified management.

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Gartner has positioned Cisco as a Leader in the “Magic Quadrant for Intrusion Prevention Systems”

              According to Gartner, “Leaders produce products that embody NGIPS capabilities, provide high signature quality and low latency, innovate with or ahead of customer challenges (such as providing associated advanced targeted attack, ATA, technologies to make enriched IPS intelligence) and have a range of models. Leaders continually win selections …

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