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See the Moment, Seize the Momentum – GSX FY16!

Chris Dedicoat reminded GSX attendees that to exceed in our key areas, we must build up the collective knowledge for our sales force.

Centered on four goals—inspire, inform, involve and innovate—Global Sales Experience (GSX) gives our Sales teams around the globe a chance to come together once a year with a common purpose: learn how to increase sales, confidence and loyalty.

Our new head of Worldwide Sales, Chris Dedicoat, opened GSX FY16 on August 31 by asking more than 17,000 Sales and Services employees from over 100 countries one simple question: "Are you 'All In'?"

The response was a collective and resounding "yes," setting the stage for a week focused on strategy, direction, opportunities and training. Aligning to the goal of the event, Chris and our other business leaders provided the blueprint for how we will extend the momentum from our record-breaking FY15 into FY16 and beyond.

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