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Cisco Powered Cloud Services: Sungard Recover 2Cloud

Cisco Powered Cloud Services are offered globally by the world’s leading service providers. Partners providing Cisco Powered services have been certified and their solutions third-party audited to provide you with superior service, security, and 24-hour customer support. SunGard is one of Cisco’s top cloud partners and I want to bring to your attention, an excellent backup service called Sungard …

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Sungard Recover 2Cloud

Your most critical applications need higher levels of availability than what backup can provide. For these applications, SunGard Recover2Cloud for Server Replication is the right choice. With R2C for Server Replication, full applications
environments are recovered in less than four hours, guaranteed. Data and applications are restored to a near-zero recovery point. Applications restart without the delay and risk of a data restore process.

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