5 Easy Steps to Redeem Cisco Learning Credits


1) Access the following url: http://tools.cisco.com/GlobalLearningLocator/LLocatorHome.do Choose the technology or certification for which you need training

2) Choose the Learning Partner listed that is presenting the training.

3) In order to  register for  a  class, you  will need the Cisco Sales Order number associated with  your  Learning Credits, and the  number of  Learning Credits needed for  the class. If you  don’t have  enough   L ea r n i n g   C r ed i t s   in your account to  take the class, you  can either purchase  more Learning Credits or  pay the difference with  a  PO  or  Credit Card to  the Learning Partner.   Discuss this with Learning Partner. Example, if the class  would require 30  Learning Credits to register and the customer only  has 28, then most  Learning Partners will allow  you to  pay cash / PO  for  the US  $200 difference.

4) After the  course  starts, the  Learning Credits will be debited from  the customer’s account.

5) The Team  Captain at  the customer can   track their credits –  24×7 –  using the Learning Credit Management Tool  (www.cisco.com/go/lcmt) to  report on  who  has taken training, when it was  taken and the balance in their account.

As a  reminder, Cisco Learning Credits can be  redeemed for  Training (Classroom, Virtual, Web), Advanced  Services Education, Cisco Technical Education and registration to Cisco Live Events. Most of  the training can be found on  the Cisco website. However our Authorized Learning Partners can also offer additional training – found only  on  their respective websites.   Authorized Learning Partners can also offer customized training to  meet the specific needs of  the customer.


Additional Information and Resources

Global Learning Locator – www.cisco.com/go/clplocator

Cisco Technical Education – www.cisco.com/go/cte

Advanced Services Education – www.cisco.com/go/ase

Cisco Live – www.ciscolive.com

Cisco Learning Credits – www.cisco.com/go/learningcredits

All Learning Creidts support requests and inquires must go through the Case Support Tool at: http://ciscocert.force.com/english. First time users will be required to set up a profile before they can submit their case.   This will be a simple, brief one-time only task.

For any issue or help with opening a case online, please call 1-800-553-6387 (US/Canada) Choose Option “4” then “1” for the Certification & Communities Support Team.

For international customers, please click on the link below. http://www.cisco.com/web/siteassets/contacts/international.html#~tab-d,?reloaded=true Select your Country  under  the Regional Certification Support Phone      Numbers.

For phone options, please select option “4” then “1” for the Certification & Communities Support  team.

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