Cisco ISR-AX: Deliver an Optimal Application Experience


The transition to virtualization, cloud, and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environments has made it difficult for organizations like Chime to meet application performance expectations. In addition, these new technologies amplify more traditional challenges like network congestion and latency. As application delivery becomes increasingly complex, poor performance is impacting business productivity.

Cisco Integrated Services Routers-Application Experience (ISR-AX) is a single-box solution based on the Cisco ISR Generation 2 (G2) that extends the role of the ISRs to an application-delivery platform, providing granular visibility, control, and optimization without additional devices or bandwidth upgrades. Delivering data center and cloud applications with high performance and security to users anywhere, Cisco ISR-AX is not just a router; it is an application delivery platform that can help enable application agility for better application performance, user experience, and employee productivity with simplified operations.

Why Choose Cisco ISR-AX?

Cisco provides an entire range of products and solutions that address the current and future needs of organizations like Chime and offer exceptional simplicity, quality, reliability, and flexibility, all from one vendor. The Cisco ISR-AX offers compelling value to customers while raising the bar for the competition. Cisco’s holistic approach has advantage over other traditional routing and WAN optimization vendors. Compared to competing solutions, Cisco offers Chime:

  • Improved performance: With Cisco’s solution, Chime can optimize bandwidth and reduce latency by more than 50%, in addition to increasing application performance by up to 70%.
  • Enhanced user experience: As a one-box solution, compared to competitor products, the Cisco ISR-AX is priced for wide-scale adoption, helping enable an exceptional user experience from anywhere. Additionally, the ISR-AX is probe-less, unlike other application management solutions in the market, so it simplifies operations.
  • Simplified operations: As a comprehensive and cost-effective application-experience solution with all the features of delivering industry-leading application experiences to the branch-office, Cisco ISR-AX serves as the optimal control point for application delivery.

The purpose of Cisco ISR-AX is to provide Chime with a cost-effective infrastructure to experience Cisco’s next-generation technology. 

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