Enterprise Networking bimonthly webinars! 802.11ac, HDX, Deploying Universal AP’s, WLAN for remote branches, Prime, iWAN and many more!

Many of our customers are making strategic decisions on their next generation wired and wireless access network.   To help companies like yours make more informed decisions, the Cisco specialist team will be providing bi-weekly webinars to discuss market trends and up-dates on Cisco’s new wired and wireless solutions.

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October 5            802.11ac Technology Overview.  A technology overview with little discussion of Cisco products.

October 19 HDX Explained.  An overview of new technology for optimizing client roaming.  Impacts legacy clients as well as high-density deployments.

November 2   Deploying Universal APs and Smart Licensing Update.  An explanation of how Cisco’s new Universal APs are deployed and an overview 

of Smart licensing.

November 16 WLAN Architectures for Remote Branches.  Flexconnect (H-REAP) isn’t always the answer, especially with high-performance, low-cost local controllers 

now available.

November 30   Cisco PRIME Tips and Tricks.  Some discussion and explanation of popular PRIME tools, with focus on network and client troubleshooting.

December 14 Wireless Guest Access.  Where a best-effort connection to the Internet was once enough, guest access considerations now include security, 

bandwidth consumption management and other concerns.

January 6* CMX 10.0.  Cisco’s Wi-Fi analytics software continues to evolve, and now provides more information than ever on clients, their movement and 

their network access.

(*Note Wednesday not Monday session)

January 18 Designing For The All-Wireless Office. Once a neat idea, all wireless offices are now a reality, but deploying them entails much more than just 

radio coverage.

February 1 Cisco PRIME 3.0.  PRIME continues to evolve, and 3.0 includes a much-improved GUI and some new features.

February 15 Cisco Access Point Update.  An update on all of Cisco’s access points, including just-released products.

 Cisco WLAN Survey.  If you have a minute, would you mind filling out this very brief (12 questions) survey? http://cs.co/netsurvey


We hope to see you on our webinars!

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