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Digital Strategy and Enablement

52% of governance boards discuss strategy at every meeting. (Source)

87% of boards are briefed on strategic alternatives. (Source)

64% of companies handling a high volume of projects are automating some part of the review and approval process. (Source)

Business governance is the framework, rules, practices and processes by which a company is directed and run. This includes balancing the interests of the many stakeholders in a company – shareholders, management, customers, suppliers, financiers, and community

Most companies strive for a balance between the structure of corporate governance and the flexibility required for agility and innovation. In today’s business climate it is not enough to be merely profitable, a company also needs to demonstrate good corporate citizenship though environmental awareness, ethical behavior and sound corporate governance practices.

Cisco’s Digital Governance structure is a cross-functional group of leaders at various levels working in a regular process and focused on driving and executing a company-wide next generation digital strategy for web, mobile, social media and video; enabling Cisco to broaden its leadership position in online engagement, driving incremental revenue and creating more connected employees, customers, partners and prospects.

The Cisco digital governance structure includes:

  • Digital Steering Committee – an accountable and consulted strategic leadership team to promote digital growth, thought leadership, and cross-functional alignment through prioritization and policy decisions
  • Digital Operating Committee – responsible for governance oversight and execution of the cross-functional digital strategy by aligning multiple programs and projects
  • Digital Working Groups – subject matter experts in specific areas and topics who define actions and execute actions and deliverables for initiatives in each focus area to align with the digital strategy

Cisco Digital Governance Highlights (since inception 18 months ago):

  • Implemented mobile app governance model, reducing from 124 apps to 98, saving $2M per quarter for the company while improving customer/partner satisfaction
  • Digital check-in program implemented, which is saving $2+ million ongoing by reducing duplicate projects and fragmented customer experiences
  • Improved online registration which is now 37% faster by reducing 23 fields to 11, improving the digital user experience
  • Launched 5-star experience (10+ programs) to guide web efforts toward user experience
  • Tightened partner alignment and roadmap for partner digital efforts

Visit the Digital Governance community to learn more about the committees including organization charts, meeting minutes and working group highlights.

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