Is Your Network Up To Speed? Gigabit Wireless, Converged Switching and LAN Security


Is Your Network Up To Speed?

Gigabit Wireless, Converged Switching and LAN Security

Tuesday, Jun 9th  
1:30 p.m.Live Via WebEx
from Your Office
(or tablet or

Learn what Cisco Unified Access Can Do For Your Network

Accelerate Business Innovation by Connecting People, Information, and Devices — Securely, Reliably, and Seamlessly

Today’s networks are not wired or wireless.  They are not local or remote.  They are all of the above.  And today’s customers need a solution to manage all these network connections as one system.

Cisco Unified Access delivers an integrated and simplified intelligent network platform that serves as the foundation for the Cisco BYOD Smart Solution. Cisco Unified Access allows IT to spend less time running the network and more time promoting innovation that can differentiate and transform the business. It allows organizations to empower their users to work their way.

Unified Access is a set of tightly integrated products that work in concert to act as one unified network, sharing a common set of policies and a single pane of glass network management platform.  The products we will cover include:

  • Cisco Prime Management
  • Cisco Security and Policy Management
  • Cisco Access Switches
  • Cisco Enterprise Backbone Switches
  • Cisco Wireless

SPECIAL GUEST:  Lancope – The Reality of Insider Threats


Insider threats are initiated by users that are already on your network. Traditional defenses such as firewalls, anti-virus and IDS/IPS are not able to detect insider actions. Even more dangerous – many threats remain undetected on the network for very long periods of time.  Advanced technologies like Lancope’s StealthWatch® System deliver the in-depth network visibility and security context needed to quickly thwart today’s most damaging attacks.

 Join us from the comfort of your desk live via Cisco WebEx!
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