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Cisco Next Generation IPS (NGIPS) is #1 in the Gartner Magic Quadrant

-Deems Cisco's acquisition and integration of Sourcefire a success, both at the product and security research team levels
-Recognizes the breadth of Cisco IPS availability — NGFW, stand-alone, virtualized, in Cisco Routers, and UTMs (Meraki)
-Cites as a strength the availability of the tightly integrated Cisco AMP products, stating that Cisco is “competing well against stand alone and established advanced persistent threat (APT) solution vendors.”
-Reports some clients referring to a performance impact when also enabling AMP —> this reinforces the need to inform customers and partners regarding sizing considerations.
-Cautions that legacy Cisco IPS requires a different management console than Cisco NGIPS, but also in the caution highlights the progress Cisco is making regarding unified management.

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Understanding FirePower Key Differentiators – Security Architecture Diagram

Through this diagram, you'll see how integrated and strategic Talos is to our overall security architecture (FirePower NGIPS, AMP, Threatgrid, FireSight) and this DIFFERENTIATES Cisco from other vendors. The combination of feeds from the open source sensor community, analysis and dynamic integration sets us apart and is the most effective defense against an ALWAYS CHANGING attack landscape.

You can zoom at the bottom of the PDF.

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A Dynamic Integration: FireSIGHT and ISE

Beth Barach  Source: Cisco Blog With the security landscape constantly evolving and attackers innovating at the rapid pace, it is important that we keep up with attackers.  For this reason we have based our security on imperatives like being visibility-driven and platform-based. Organizations need total visibility of their environments for full contextual awareness, ultimately enabling better network protection, …

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Security Year End Incentives – see below!!!

Ask me to schedule a Lunch & Learn to learn more Lease with Cisco Capital and see how you can qualify for a 3 month deferral to purchase your security!!! ASA with FirePOWER Services Promotion Take advantage of list price discounts on Cisco ASA Next-Generation Firewall with FirePOWER Services. Valid on Threat Control (TA) or on Threat Control, Advanced Malware, and URL …

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Cisco Security Updates in April

NterOne ASA & FirePOWER Webinar   To register or get more information, contact Bob Conner via e-mail at [email protected] or call 330-680-5733   Overview Want to learn about the newest and hottest security product from Cisco?  Can’t afford to take time off work?  Attend our free ASA with FirePOWER session online during your lunch hour and learn about Cisco’s #1 …

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