Firepower is Cisco’s next gen security platform.


We acquired Sourcefire for 3 billlion to get firepower and consolidate it onto the ASA.  Modern threats or advanced persistent threats are highly sophisticated, and require a more in-depth approach to the attack continuum.  
Firepower is the only solution in the market that address the threat from a before, during, and after approach.  

It has Gartner’s top Next Gen IPS, Firewall, and Secure Remote Access solution in the business to protect before and during a malware event or an attack in real-time.  That has been proven to fail at stopping everything so we integrated the capability to continually scan for these events beyond the point in time that they entered the network and were deemed clean.  If 3 weeks down the road that clean file initiates a sleeper malware attack (happens all the time) we can sniff it out, stop it from propagating, prevent it from stealing business critical financial information from your clients, and provide a complete forensic trail as to who was infected first, how, how long it was there, where it went, and how it was cleaned.

ASA WITH FIREPOWER is the Next gen Firewall you should be talking to your customers about.  This is actually the first naked ASA I’ve seen quoted since the consolidation in September.  It has been amazing for our customers.  


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