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Healthcare Security Breach – Ransomeware – Cisco can help fortify your network!

There have been a few alarming breaching in the healthcare space this past week. These hospitals have been hit with a “ransomware” attack, essentially locking down their network and requesting money in order to be let back into their network.

This has thrown these hospitals into a state of emergency and possibly considering transferring patients and even paying the ransom in order to get back up and running.

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Cisco Hackers Commercial

Today’s hackers are well-funded, organized syndicates who are picking apart your businesses’ shaky patchwork of security. The next wave of the Internet demands the next wave of security.

Cisco is now heavily invested in security and ready for help fortify your business!

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Opus One Email Security Report – Cisco’s email security #1!

The following analysis summarizes the spam catch and false positive rates of the leading anti spam vendors. Compiled by Opus One, an independent research firm, this report provides data to objectively compare the market’s most popular anti-spam solution.

Working with Cisco, we identified six enterprise-focused vendors to compare to Cisco’s Email Security Solution (Appliance and Cloud-Based): Barracuda Networks, Intel Security (formerly McAfee), Microsoft Office 365, Proofpoint, Sophos, and Symantec. The only vendor mentioned by name in the rest of this report is Cisco. The remaining vendor names have been anonymized.

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Webinar: You’ve Already Been Hacked. Now What? Cisco Next-Gen Security Can Help – 4/13 – 1:30pm

A lot of well-known companies with big names and big security budgets have been hacked recently. But the threat exists for everyone.

Did you know that over 41% of targeted attacks last year were against organizations with fewer than 500 employees? Or that in Cisco’s most recent annual security report, 100% of corporate networks examined had malicious traffic on them?

Chances are that you’ve already been hacked – you just don’t know it yet.

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Reserve Your Seat for a Cisco Security Seminar – Presented by Total Communications – 4/14, 9:30-12 – Mohegan Sun, Ct

Today, it's no longer a matter of if an attacker will get in, but when and for how long. The cost of a data breach – and the lost business – can be staggering. Don’t wait until a breach forces you to take a look at your security procedures. Join us for a complimentary seminar that explores steps you can take to protect your network before, during and after an attack.

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