Healthcare Security Breach – Ransomeware – Cisco can help fortify your network!

There have been a few alarming breaching in the healthcare space this past week.  These hospitals have been hit with a “ransomware” attack, essentially locking down their network and requesting money in order to be let back into their network.

This has thrown these hospitals into a state of emergency and possibly considering transferring patients and even paying the ransom in order to get back up and running.

Chino Valley Medical and Desert Valley Hospital

Methodist Hospital in Henderson, KY


  1. If hit by ransomware, do you have backups in place that are not on the network?
  2. Do you have a Incidence Response plan in place in case of a ransomware or other type of security breach?  (This is where our IR Proactive Services can help)
  3. If breached, do you have the tools needed to contain, triage and remediate the security breach? (This is where our IR Reactive Services can help)



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