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Cisco Customer Collaboration Seminar – Live Demonstrations of Cisco Unified Contact Center Express – Monthly Webinars through 2016

Cisco® Unified Contact Center Express is a customer contact solution tailored for small to mid-sized companies. By enabling consistent interaction for agents, supervisors, and customers, Cisco Unified Contact Center Express can help enhance your customer care strategy in ways you may have never thought possible.

Whether you operate a formal contact center or manage a group of employees responsible for customer contact, this session is for you.

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Lobo Cisco Round-up – Week Ending 4/4/15

Hope all is well. Want to bring a couple of important things to your attention. Any questions, please feel free to reach out. Anthony Q3 Incentives- Q3 end is quickly approaching (orders need to be placed by 4/21) and Cisco clients are taking advantage of strong incentives to purchase equipment.  You can always use Cisco …

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Upcoming Healthcare Webinars

Upcoming Healthcare Webinars Save Your Network – Protecting Healthcare Data from Delivery Breaches – 2/26, 3pm Improving Patient Outcomes and Managing Costs Through Big Data Informatics – 2/24 & 3/31 Heathcare Security Trends – A discussion with Forrester Research and Shumard & Associates – 2/25, 2pm

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