Webcast Series: Becoming a Digital Enterprise with SAP HANA – Apply Powerful Analytics to Handle BI and Big Data – Wed, 6/24, 11am EST (60 Min)



The volume, variety, and velocity of data in today’s digital economy is overwhelming. Structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data is flowing into organizations, and the rate of growth is only increasing with the addition of sources like the Internet of Things. Somewhere in that massive mountain of data your organization is holding, there is a treasure trove of information that can answer critical questions about your business. But how can you possibly find it? SAP customers can separate the signal from the noise in their business intelligence (BI) and big data environments by applying the powerful in-database analytics provided in the SAP HANA platform.

SAP HANA represents the next-generation of analytics. This webinar looks at how to leave your last-generation approach behind by transforming long-running calculations into real-time processing with the simplicity of the SAP HANA platform. Senthil Sivaji from Cisco will share his insights and learnings from using SAP HANA to deliver real-time insights into Cisco’s sales performance and opportunities.


Senthil Sivaji, Program Manager at Cisco; Senthil Sivaji has 20+ years of IT experience in managing the enterprise wide Data Warehouses & Business Intelligence solutions for Fortune 500 companies

Ashish Sahu, Director of Product Marketing, SAP HANA

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