Cisco Intercloud


Intercloud is currently focused on the following customer challenges:
  • Dev / Test: Dev/test workloads can be run in public clouds, promoted to PoC and then migrated back to on-premise for production. Data sovereignty factors should be considered for compliance to determine app placement across clouds.
  • Capacity Augmentation: Intercloud supports bursting 3-tier apps where some tiers can be in public cloud and others back in enterprise. The desired latency between app tiers should be considered to factor in app deployment.
  • Shadow IT control:  enables IT-admins to act as a conduit to cloud consumption and enable LOBs to them manage their workloads in the cloud. 
Current providers and their respective capabilities:
  • Amazon Web Services – full VM lifecycle management, currently supports firewall and routing via Virtual Security Gateway (VSG) and Cloud Services Router (CSR)
  • Azure – full VM lifecycle management  
  • Dimension Data – full VM lifecycle management

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