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Our Cloud Strategy

The Internet of Everything is leading to rapid innovation and business opportunity, along with new challenges for IT leaders. Many companies like yours are looking to improve business with new online services that foster growth while reducing costs, minimizing risks, and increasing agility. Multi-cloud environments are increasingly the answer.

Cisco and our partners are connecting private, public, open, and hybrid clouds with the globally connected network of clouds, the Intercloud.

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Introducing Cisco Intercloud Fabric

With Cisco Intercloud Fabric, your business can build highly secure hybrid clouds and extend your existing data center to public clouds as needed, on demand, and with consistent network and security policies. 3 key use cases – dev/test, application augmentation, and shadow IT control.  DR/BC will be supported in the future once we support storage …

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Metacloud – Expanding the Cisco Cloud conversation

As a result of our acquisition of Metacloud, Cisco can now offer a turnkey, OpenStack-based private cloud deployment and management service to our customers.  Without Metacloud, OpenStack has a level of complexity and operational involvement that only Cisco’s absolute largest IT shops, generally higher-ed customers, can undertake. Target customers: Concerned about high price of VMware Want …

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Cisco Intercloud

Intercloud is currently focused on the following customer challenges: Dev / Test: Dev/test workloads can be run in public clouds, promoted to PoC and then migrated back to on-premise for production. Data sovereignty factors should be considered for compliance to determine app placement across clouds. Capacity Augmentation: Intercloud supports bursting 3-tier apps where some tiers can be …

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