Cisco Seminar – Threat-Centric Security – Before, During and After an Attack – Greenwich, CT December 10, 2014


When: December 10, 2014 11:00am – 2:00pm EDT

Where: Gabriele’s Italian Steakhouse 35 Church St Greenwich, CT 06830

Do you need CPE Credits? Cisco can grant two type 1 CPE credits for attending this seminar.

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Gabrieles Italian Steakhouse


• Explore the Cisco approach to cybersecurity that is visibility-driven, threat-focused and platform-based

• Perform live policy and attack demos that illustrate solutions to real-world problems across multiple products

• Illustrate tools that enable a before, during and after security solution in action

If you knew you were going to be compromised, would you do security differently?

In the real world, it’s no longer a matter of “if” an attacker will get in, but “when.” Security professionals need to evolve their strategy from a point-in-time approach to a continuous model that addresses the full attack continuum before, during and after an attack.

BEFORE: You can’t protect what you can’t see. To defend against threats you need complete visibility of devices, operating systems, services, files, applications, users, vulnerabilities and more. This information is used to create access control policies and identify users.

DURING: Advanced threats require advanced threat detection. Point in time detection methodologies must be sophisticated and updated with automated threat detection feeds for effective blocking of known threats.

AFTER: But what about the unknown threats? Invariably some of these attacks will be successful. The future of network security relies on the ability to look back at the decisions made in the DURING phase and ask if the right decision was made. As new information becomes available, technologies need the ability to change their mind! Space is limited so register today.


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