Cisco Spark: Making Teamwork Simpler

When teams work collaboratively from anywhere, across any device—sparks fly.

And Cisco Spark, the new collaboration service from Cisco, is significantly impacting how teams get work done.

See for yourself how Cisco Spark makes team collaboration easier during our webcast.

Teams in any industry can now use Cisco Spark to collaborate simply and securely, both inside and outside their organizations in ways not previously possible.

Cisco Spark was built with significant customer feedback in mind. It’s accessible from nearly every major mobile or desktop device and creates secure, virtual rooms where teams can work together from anywhere.

With the Cisco Spark app or the web browser location, team members can initiate the service and create a Cisco Spark room. Once in the room, team members can securely send messages, share, store, and view files, start multi-party voice and video calls, and share their screens. Cisco Spark brings everything together in one place for better communication and collaboration.

Join us for this exclusive session to learn more about how Cisco Spark provides a rich user experience with all the expected security of a Cisco solution built for the enterprise.

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