Friday Factoid: Bounce Rate


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Industry benchmark averages for bounce rate (source):

  • Average bounce rate – 40.5%
  • Content Websites – 40 to 60% bounce rates are normal
  • Lead Generation – 30 to 50% bounce rates are normal
  • Blogs – 70 to 98% bounce rates are normal
  • Landing Pages – 70 to 90% bounce rates are normal
  • Retail Websites – 20 to 40% bounce rates are normal
  • Service Websites – 10 to 30% bounce rates are normal

Average bounce rate by device (source):

  • 59% mobile bounce rate on average
  • 49% tablet bounce rate on average
  • 43% desktop bounce rate on average

Bounce rate is an analytic metric that measures the percentage of visitors who enter the site, view only one page and leave rather than continue viewing other pages within the same site. Bounce rate is a measure of visit quality and a high bounce rate generally indicates that landing pages are not relevant to the visitor or are too difficult to use.


Cisco Bounce Rate Highlights:

  • 66% bounce rate for brand campaigns around the globe
  • 61% mobile device bounce rate (vs 59% industry average)
  • home page bounce rate is 51% compared to the site wide average bounce rate of 53%
  • 63% tablet bounce rate (vs 49% industry average)
  • Bounce rate for paid search is 71% in comparison to natural search at 51%
  • Desktop bounce rate is 47% (vs 43% industry average)

View this post for information on why bounce rates matter and how to improve them. Cisco’s bounce rate is reported on the Digital Dashboards and on other metrics reports. For more information on Cisco’s metrics, visit their community.

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