Friday Factoid: Cisco Live TV Milan

47% of enterprises produce 10 or more on-demand videos per year and 25% of all companies and organizations produce more than 50 live events per year. (Source)

4 out of 5 enterprises say video use improves productivity and efficiencies in their organization. (Source) 

58% of employees want live video streaming. (Source) 

90% of employees see the value of video at work and 80% are engaged or ready to create and share a video. (Source)

Video is now mainstream in the enterprise and many meetings, conferences, and trainings combine a live in-person event with a virtual or online component, namely streaming video. Streaming video is content sent in compressed form over the internet and displayed by the viewer in real time.

Cisco has a video team and facilities that rival large TV broadcasters – our own Cisco TV. Cisco TV provides an immersive video experience for employees, providing video production management, full creative video production with script-to-screen, program management for platforms like show and share and the online video platform (OVP), technical management, event center management and video best practices sharing.

Recently, the Cisco TV team attended Cisco Live Milan to support their broadcasting needs. They delivered a live TV program throughout the event, a fully functioning on-site TV studio, a live roving reporter who interviewed delegates from inside the keynote room, interviews with other Cisco clients, partner recordings, demo recordings and much more – all edited and produced on-site and delivered through our external online video platform.

“Cisco TV enhanced our delegates experience and was a key contributor to the overall satisfaction score of 4.56 (out of 5), which is the highest ever for Cisco Live EMEAR.” – Bonny Shapira, Leader – CiscoLive EMEAR

Cisco Live TV Milan Highlights:

80 hours of broadcasting
55 hours of original programming
10 live keynote sessions
6 partner recordings for platinum sponsors
6 demo recordings for future broadcast
45 digital media signage (DMS) screens with one large jumbo wall
8,000 hours of live streaming video to all of our external viewers
A fully functioning Cisco TV studio created on-site, including a master control room and editing and encoding booths
A crew of 20 supported the event – 4 technical engineers, 3 producers and 13 vendor contractors to operate cameras, audio equipment, editing, studio presenter and a roving reporter
Proof of concept for new sessions capture with Pearl technology (an innovative way of capturing content from the breakouts) saving time, money and effort
View the Cisco Live Milan keynotes, or to learn about video best practices and Cisco TV services, visit the Cisco TV community.

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