Friday Factoid: Cisco Partners

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85% of companies say partnerships are vital to growth. (Source)

50% of businesses collaborate with partners to gain better visibility. (Source)

A business partner is an alliance between businesses for a mutually beneficial purpose. A partner can be defined in many different ways, from a reseller that sells your product, to a technical partner that collaborates on installation and solution development, to a service partner that provides professional and support services to your customers.

As the technology landscape becomes more complex, it is crucial to have partners to deliver the business outcomes customers expect. A partner can share resources, collaborate to solve challenges, gain synergy, provide a new perspective or access to potential customers, offer services and complimentary products your company doesn’t provide, and deliver opportunities to help businesses succeed.

Cisco has many types of partners, including resellers and distributors, technology developers, software and solution partners, strategic alliance partners, cloud and managed services partners, learning partners, service providers and consultants. The Cisco Partner Ecosystem connects partners to Cisco, partners to partners, partners to customers, and customers to Cisco.

As partners are so important to Cisco’s success (they generate more than 80% of our revenue), many teams across Cisco – marketing, sales, operations, IT – are all working together to improve the partner digital journey.

We’ve made strides to improve their digital journey and quality of engagement by implementing a tasked-based design, creating partner personas based on their needs and digital interactions, taking an outside-in approach to delivering content, and continually evolving the partner digital experience based on data and feedback – including bi-annual top task testing and quarterly partner satisfaction surveys.

Cisco Partner digital highlights:

  • 5,000+ searches per day on Partner Locator (customers looking for partners)
  • 7,200 partner users of the SalesConnect mobile app
  • 33 country partner web sites in 20 languages around the globe
  • Joint marketing with partners = 47% of our global SQL contribution (926M+ in 1HFY16)
  • 273,000 social media partner audience base
  • 100s of visitors per month visit Cisco Marketplace
  • 363,000 partner users per quarter managing their Cisco relationship using the Partner Self Service and Partner Registration tools
  • 37,000 visitors per quarter to the Partner Education Connection tool and mobile app for training
  • 4.09 Partner satisfaction score

Visit Partner Central to learn more about the expanding Cisco Partner Ecosystem and how crucial partners are to our success!

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