Friday Factoid: Cisco Tag Management


Digital Strategy and Enablement

36% of companies have implemented a tag management solution. (source)

73% of marketers say that using a tag management system helps reduce costs as 88% believe digital marketing complexity will continue to increase. (source)

64% of tag management users see faster website performance. (source)

Tags collect data about users, their journey, the source of their visit and much else and then share that data with other connected systems to better serve the user and/or to drive business decisions and action (much of it automated and delivered via the website). Tags often take the form of JavaScript code, and can be as small as a single pixel.

Tag management systems oversee multiple tags within collaborative software (often on a website) that allow improved control of analytics tools, tests, campaign tracking, marketing tags and other tag-based technologies across the site. They provide consistent and improved data collection and do so with less drag on the website’s performance.

A new Tag Management System is being put into place at Cisco (in pilot mode currently) which will improve turnaround time for modifying tags, will reduce complexity by reducing tag variations, will aggregate multiple tags serving various roles into a single package for better performance and management, and will consolidate a variety of technologies into a single standardized tag management system. It primarily serves and the campaigns that span outbound email, social media, online advertising, and other digital channels.

Cisco Tag Management Highlights:

  • Cisco Tag Manager collects over 400 parameters (data points) about our visitors.
  • 500,000 pages on use tag management to collect information on actions of visitors.
  • Information collected about our visitors include page name, section of page being viewed, links clicked on, search terms, file downloads, videos viewed and more. **This information helps us to better serve visitors during their journey through the site, to recognize them when they return, to optimize our website, to understand which assets are most compelling and useful, and much more.
  • The new enterprise class Tag Manager system (Tealium) will improve productivity by reducing time to tag to from 12 weeks to 1 week.

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