Friday Factoid: Data

Digital Strategy and Enablement

90% of data in the world today has been created in the last two years. (Source)

95% of data within organizations remains untapped. (Source)

75% of businesses cite growth as the key source of value from big data and analytics. (Source)

40% of managers find it very challenging to integrate and manage all of their data. (Source)

Data is information and knowledge collected and analyzed for aiding in decision making. Digital data provides clarity on the web, social media, mobile or video audience’s behavior, who they are and what content they want or value. It is used to measure value delivered, to inform what works and what doesn’t and provides the opportunity to predict revenue.

Applying data to digital properties allows personalized content to be served to the visitor based on past browsing history and transactions, in order to help the visitor find what they want when they want it.

Global Marketing and Corporate Communications teams at Cisco are driving a strategy for how we collect and leverage data to accelerate and amplify our marketing efforts and to improve and scale our understanding of users, their journey (including sources and destinations), their intentions, and much more.

Through our focus on data and analysis, we can un-mask anonymous visitors and use predictive analytics to serve-up personalized content, offers and automate qualified leads based on information such as the user’s IP address, geographic location, company, industry, wallet size, past digital fingerprints, and employ algorithms that sense what stage of the buying cycle they are in.

Cisco data highlights:

  • Of the 14M visitors per month to, 2.5M visitors per month are registered users – we capture data on them and know who they are and can serve them better
  • 150K of registered users are Customers
  • 50K of registered users are Partners
  • 50% of registered users are Business Decision Makers and 40% are Technical Decision Makers
  • 15% of registered users are men, 3% of registered users are women, and 82% are undeclared
  • Cisco Tag Manager collects over 400 parameters (data points) about our visitors.

Visit the Metrics/Analytics Community for more information including the Digital Dashboards.

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