Friday Factoid: Digital Infrastructure

Digital Strategy and Enablement 

99% website uptime is the industry standard with on average 7 hours and 2 minutes of planned and unplanned downtime per month. (Source)

47% of visitors expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less and 40% will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. (Source)

Digital infrastructure is the combination of hardware, software, networks and services required to support digital (web, mobile, social or video) for an enterprise. Supported by IT, the digital infrastructure allows an organization to deliver digital solutions, innovation and services to its employees, partners and customers.

Cisco’s digital infrastructure supports many platforms including CEC, wikis, WebEx, Jive for both employees and customers, mobile web and to ensure the customers and partners have a successful digital experience. They work with InfoSec on security compliance, upgrade the platforms to improve performance and usability, continually test and push the systems to achieve maximum performance and look ahead and innovate to meet new and ever-changing requirements. was recently “gold certified” for Continuous Delivery through a rigorous and multi-faceted evaluation process, one of only a handful of platforms and services designated for this high honor at Cisco – a testament to the partnership between IT and the business groups to deliver with increasing velocity and the ability to pivot, adjust, and re-prioritize while achieving extraordinarily high quality in overall performance.

Cisco’s digital infrastructure key highlights:

  • 80K registered users with over 70% of them (54K) actively participating and 28K unique visitors per week for the employee communities powered by Jive
  • 99.97% uptime for Jive employee communities (availability of the community)
  • 60 new communities in 6 months since production launch for Cisco Customer and Partner Jive communities
  • 99.93% uptime for Cisco Customer and Partner Jive communities
  • 10k unique visitors per day and 10K pages created per month on Cisco wikis
  • 99.97% uptime in Q3FY15 for Cisco wikis
  • .85 seconds page load performance for Cisco wikis
  • 6.2M CEC web page visits per month
  • 129K total pages in CEC
  • 99.87% uptime for Q3FY15
  • 12 monthly production code releases for in the past year to deliver new capabilities and functionality – a significant improvement over the previous quarter releases
  • 12K+ tests are part of the regression testing that is performed prior to a release to ensure it is bug free on
  • 68% of the test cases are automated, making the process faster and cheaper

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