Friday Factoid: Digital Registration

Digital Strategy and Enablement

86% of people leave a website when asked to create an account in order to move forward past a ‘paywall’ or to access specific information (registration). Source

42% find online registration forms too long, or ask too many questions. Source

2 in 5 users feel that solving world peace would be easier than remembering all of their passwords. Source

Digital registration is the act of providing a person’s name and details, like company, address, phone number, email id, role, etc., into a system. It is usually required to gain access to digital properties with secure information or premium content.

By registering and logging in when visiting Cisco’s digital properties, users gains access to specific content not available to the general public, such as online resources and tools to resolved common technical problems, manage orders placed, manage returns, or check on services.

The Registration, On-boarding, and Access Management (ROAM) team has been focused on improving the registration process and making it easier to do business with Cisco. By having as few barriers as possible during the registration process, it improves the visitor’s experience, both with the registration process itself as well as finding the content they need. During on-boarding and access management, user accounts are connected with the services they’re entitled to, so that individuals can take advantage of contractually entitled capabilities.

Over the last 18 months (beginning of FY15 to today), there have been great strides in improving the registration and on-boarding process for the visitor or new customer user:

  • 11 fields for the visitor to fill out to register, down from 23, with the simplification of the registration form
  • 80% productivity improvement in Customer Interaction Network (CIN) workload associated with user-contract on-boarding (CIN manages customer support cases), by making the self-service capabilities more user-friendly and automated
  • 37% faster registration, down to 2 minutes from 3.25 Minutes
  • 67% success rate for customers to complete registration process, up from 29%
  • Registration support cases have been cut in half from 1500 cases per quarter to 670 cases per quarter – these are instances that require human assistance
  • Password reset is now 86% successful, up from 62%, generating less than half of the support tickets than in the past (was more than 2000 cases per month, now 1000)
  • 12% of requests for access (on-boarding contract association) are now automatically approved through system logic. This significantly reduces the time to enablement for customers, and improves CIN productivity, while still meeting Cisco’s validation rules.

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