Friday Factoid: Digital Training

Digital Strategy and Enablement

64% of web users (U.S) have experienced web-based training. (Source)

Thousands of first-rate universities offer online degree programs. (Source)

74% of companies offer training via a virtual classroom, webcast or video broadcast and 20% of companies are using social learning to some extent. (Source

The number of learning hours per employee on average is 31.5 hours per year. (Source)

Digital training is the use of computer or electronic instruction in learning and teaching methods. It can include computer-based training, online education, virtual learning, webcasts, video broadcasting, podcasts, mobile and social media training. Cisco offers many online courses through its LMS learning system, the GMCC University and other training programs.

Benefits of this type of training includes students learn at their own pace, they lose less productivity, no travel or venue rental costs, easier to manage, scalable to train an individual or hundreds of students, lower instructor costs, re-usable content and flexible schedules enable asynchronous ‘on demand’ learning.

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