Friday Factoid: Digital Transformation

Digital Strategy and Enablement


  • 60% of firms anticipate a significant impact in the digital transformation from cloud technology. Source
  • 88% of companies report undergoing a digital transformation; but only 25% have mapped the digital customer journey and have a clear understanding of new or underperforming digital touchpoints. Source
  • 80% report their companies are investing in improving processes to expedite change to digital properties such as websites, mobile and social platforms. Source

Digital transformation is the investment in new technology, business models, processes and supporting systems to more effectively engage digital customers at every touchpoint in their experience lifecycle. Digital transformation isn’t just increasing investments in digital – it’s about thinking and acting “digital first”.

Nor is it just about technology, much of the digital transformation is about people and business processes. Companies need to understand how people use, want or need to use, engage and experience technology along the digital buying journey – and beyond into installation, consumption, operation, upgrade, expansion, and renewal – in order to be successful in their digital transformation.

Digital transformation is changing business strategy and affecting how people connect, collaborate, and share – and ultimately, how businesses sell and deliver value throughout their customers’ lifecycle.

At Cisco, across multiple teams, we are executing a digital transformation in order to improve our customers’, partners’ and employees’ digital experiences while also delivering a positive business impact to Cisco’s top-line and bottom-line results.

Cisco Digital Transformation Highlights:

  • Implemented and designed new templates for demand generation pages, implementing 530+ global instances.
  • Jive internal community, which will supersede WXS, was rolled out and reached 20K registered users in 90 days: record-fast adoption and we’re already above 30K registered members today!
  • Innovative social media videos drove an increase of 70% in social mentions, 428% in impressions, and 3600% in engagements for the Global Cloud Index (GCI)
  • Growth of 45% over Q2FY14 for script to screen video production – that’s massive growth!
  • Deployed a new social media metrics dashboard, moving to real-time metrics and saving 8 days of delay in producing quarterly dashboards from multiple data sources.
  • Published the ‘We are Cisco’ site in new platform – first formal CEC site published to and a proof-of-concept of the design principles, of the mix of internal/ external on a single site, and of the ability to host ‘micro-sites’ on the infrastructure.
  • Launched 127 responsive design, global, offer landing pages. 10 major launches, 6 major global launches to G8 countries and numerous Partner announcements.
  • The online video portal is the first responsive digital (web) destination for public-facing videos, leveraging SEO, video and social media best practices for video in order to drive viewership, engagement, tracking and leads.
  • Released new Cisco App in tablet version – over 258,000 users for the Cisco App.
  • Implemented new ‘recommended content’ feature on search which drove 18% increase in click-thru’s to Cisco blogs.

This list just scratches the surface, but provides a sense of the many interdependent elements in our digital transformation. For a comprehensive recap of digital advances during 1HFY15, please review this blog post.

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