Friday Factoid: Mobile Apps

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85% of users prefer native mobile apps to mobile websites. (Source)

33% of the most popular apps are games, followed by widgets at 8%, entertainment at 7%, and social at 5%. (Source)

Usage of popular apps grew by 76% in the last year (Source); however, retention rate of newapps dropped 50% (Source).

A mobile application, most commonly known as an app, is software that is designed to run on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. Generally small, individual software programs with limited functionality, an app provides value to customers, builds brand awareness, improves customer engagement, establishes competitor differentiation and creates a direct marketing channel for the user.

Cisco currently has 98 mobile apps available for download for users with 12 of them categorized as “flagship apps”. No user wants dozens of Cisco apps; some of ours fill niche needs, while most are expensive experiments proven wrong. The renewed focus on our flagship apps is to provide the best user experience and complement the daily task routines of customers, partners and employees.

We’ve put into place a mobile governance process to ensure Cisco apps represent the brand and follow best practices for user experience to help the user complete their task quickly and efficiently. To manage our app portfolio, it’s about constant iteration and management based on usage and engagement analytics. Building an app for everything, every feature, or every individual user is not the right approach; apps are costly to develop and maintain and some user tasks are better served using responsive web.

Cisco Mobile Apps Highlights:

  • 98 Cisco mobile apps of which 57 are iOS and 41 are Android
  • 35 Content and Collateral Cisco apps; 25 Productivity apps, 17 product apps, 2 event apps, 8 Learning and Training apps, 5 Support apps, 6 Entertainment/Games apps
  • $2.5M annualized savings so far this calendar year by removing / consolidating 25 Cisco mobile apps to fewer, better flagship apps
  • 3.4M downloads for Cisco WebEx Meeting – the top downloaded Cisco app
  • 88% of downloaded Cisco apps are from the top 10 apps:
    • Cisco WebEx Meetings
    • Cisco Jabber
    • Cisco Spark
    • Cisco Business Class Email
    • Cisco Jabber Video for iPad
    • Cisco (offers, products, marketing)
    • Cisco Data Meter
    • Cisco Events App
    • Cisco Technical Support
    • Cisco WebEx Social

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