Friday Factoid – Mobile First

Mobile adoption today is growing 8x faster than web adoption in the early 2000s. (Source)

American’s spend 2.9 hours/day, 20.7 hours/week, 20.7 days/year on their mobile phone. (Source)

86% of time spent by internet users is on mobile apps, as compared to 14% spent on mobile web. (Source)

“Mobile first” is a strategy where mobile solutions (apps, user interfaces, security, infrastructure, and more) are designed for mobile as the primary screen for viewing information and only secondarily for other channels such as desktop. This includes designing contextual-content for a smaller real estate, creating a focused mobile-friendly navigation to easily find relevant content, and developing the pages specifically for a mobile device. All with a goal of creating a more efficient, productive and enjoyable mobile experience for the user where they can complete their intended tasks.

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