Friday Factoid: Usability Testing

Usability testing and user research uncovers what people DO, not just what they SAY. (Source)

You can uncover 85% of all usability issues with just 5 user testers. (Source)

Poor web content (Source) and usability can negatively impact overall brand perception. (Source)

Usability testing is evaluating a product or service by testing it with typical users through systematic observation under controlled conditions with real usage scenarios. It provides direct feedback on a user’s behavior and how real users actually use a product or service vs what they say they do or say they want. Usability testing decreases support costs, increases user satisfaction and can save on development and redesign efforts.

Cisco performs digital user experience testing constantly through a variety of regular listening, observation and interaction efforts, to gather (and act on) knowledge from Customers and Partners. We solicit feedback in a number of formats, including in-person interviews and usability tests, remote usability testing, standard surveys and even browsing competitors’ sites to discover what they are doing.

Digital usability testing is a key component of visual design and development. As Cisco receives around one million visits to its web and mobile properties every day, we want to ensure their digital experience is the best we can provide.

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