Friday Factoid: Video Marketing

Digital Strategy and Enablement 

95% of a video will be retained by a viewer vs 10% of a message advertised on text. (Source)

93% of marketers use video for online marketing, sales or communication. (Source)

YouTube has more than 4B views per day. (Source)

Video marketing is using video to promote or market a brand, product or service, either on a web site or via social media. It is an important element in the marketing mix [web, mobile, social and video] in moving the prospect along the customer journey.

Videos are an eye-catching, rich, immersive and high impact way to communicate a message. They convey complex information more clearly, puts a face to your brand, connect on a personal level to build rapport and trust and support multiple mediums or channels – web, mobile and social media. Video also moves prospects along the customer journey, teaching and illustrating along the way, as well as providing revenue marketing leads.

At Cisco, video is everywhere and is used to showcase products, drive marketing messages, encourage engagement and sharing, and focus on the brand. The Integrated Marketing Communications [IMC] team recently partnered with the Cisco TV script-to-screen video production team to revamp the product videos to create more engaging videos and improve the play rate while making them easier to find. The results included a 45% play rate (.4% average rate) and a 58% completion rate (49% average rate) – proving that video best practices do work!

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