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How Are We Going to Pay for All This IoT? Cisco Capital President Kristine Snow Has the Answer!

The IoT industry is blowing up in all directions and the growth potential is huge. In fact, depending on which analyst you ask, it might be damn near unlimited. Well, with all those devices, from the edge to the network, getting connected, pulling data and analyzing the living daylights out of it, the costs can grow almost as fast as the number of devices.

Since enterprises especially will be shelling out big bucks for new system installments, or massive retrofits, an enterprise-level solution is needed to finance that kind of capital expenditure.

Enter Cisco Capital. Cisco’s financial arm operates as a financing house, funding purchases of Cisco technology solutions, providing credit lines to Cisco’s partners and offering refurbished products at discounted rates.

We spoke to Kristine Snow, President, Cisco Capital, to find out how she works with Cisco’s clients and partners to ease the road toward IoT implementation.

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CISCO IOT SYSTEMS LAUNCH – Webcast, 6/29, 12pm est

The Internet of Things (IoT) is here, and it’s driving massive gains in safety, mobility, and efficiency. Find out in this live webcast how to connect, manage and control previously unconnected devices with the Cisco IoT System. Come hear about the critical building blocks necessary in any IoT solution to create business value. Gain deeper business insights with …

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Friday Factoid: Cisco.com Home Page

Digital Strategy and Enablement 48% of visitors cited website design as the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a company. Source Within 3 seconds a website needs to answer, “What does this site offer?” Source 40% of users left a site if it took more than 3 seconds to load. Source 11% of …

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In Retail, Insight Is Currency, and Context Is King

Today’s retailers face a rising tide of change, disruption, and challenges, all driven by technology. As their business landscape is upended, many are struggling to adapt to changing consumer behaviors, competition from disruptive innovators, and exponentially increasing complexity. The source of much of this disruption is the Internet of Everything (IoE). IoE is the networked …

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