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48% of visitors cited website design as the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a company. Source

Within 3 seconds a website needs to answer, “What does this site offer?” Source

40% of users left a site if it took more than 3 seconds to load. Source

11% of companies have social media links above the fold on their home page and 89% below. Source

A home page serves as an introduction to your company and is perhaps the most important single page on any website. It often receives the bulk of the traffic and it’s critical for the homepage to convert the traffic into deeper visits, leads and sales.

A successful website is a delicate balance between establishing an identity for the brand, making a good first impression to compel the visitor to stick around and look deeper, is optimized for multi-device usability, provides clear navigation, is narrowly focused to resonate with the target audience and is constantly changing to reflect the needs, problems or questions of the visitor.

The home page focuses on brand campaigns and branded messaging, as well as supporting key user tasks and revenue goals. Publishing new content to the page weekly, we strive for every visitor to have a positive digital experience and want to help them find the content they want, when they want it and on any device.

A project is well underway to redesign the home page to deliver a fresh, new, engaging, mobile-first experience that represents Cisco. With the new design, we are moving to a more modern scrolling poster-style layout, similar to the integrated campaign landing pages. This new design will allow us to deliver:

  • Personalized content
  • Targeted demand generation opportunities
  • Storytelling
  • Flexible layout
  • Social conversations
  • Rapid testing, iteration and optimization of designs Home Page highlights by the numbers:

  • 2.5 Million visitors per month – the most traffic of any single page on the site
  • 96% of visitor clicks are associated with key user tasks like finding a partner or accessing tech support
  • 3% of all clicks go to the hero and feature ads
  • The U.S. home page is built using responsive web design, allowing easy use on either desktop or mobile devices campaigns
  • 15% visit share for U.S. home page across, 2QFY15
  • 95% of visitors view our home page on a desktop, 3% use a mobile phone and 2% use a tablet device
  • 74% visits are an entry page for the visitor, FY14
  • 58% of visitors are from outside the U.S, FY14 (China, India, UK and China are the top countries visiting)
  • John Chambers CES keynote address video is 3rd most trafficked hero ad in FY14

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