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Webinar: Battle the Demons of Your Network with Cisco Unified Access – 2/17, 1:30

The speed and reliability of your network is MISSION CRITICAL to your business.

And your network is the core to everything you do. If the network doesn’t work, NOTHING WORKS.

Today’s networks are no longer just wired switching. They include wireless access, remote access, mobility, security and collaboraBon. Yet most companies sBll try to operate each component as a standalone system.

Cisco Unified Access is a set of Bghtly integrated products that work in concert to act as one unified network, sharing a common set of policies and a single pane of glass network management plaWorm.

Join us to learn about how Cisco can help you “battle your network demons!”

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Why should you migrate to 802.11ac?

Are you still using 1st generation 802.11n Access Points?   WHY would you up-grade to the new 802.11ac access points? Here at the top reasons to migrate to 802.11ac: CleanAir:    The 1st Generation 802.11n APs (i.e. AP1142)  did not have our SAGE ASIC, which allows the system to PRO-actively identify, Classify, Locate and Mitigate interference Increased CPU & …

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2015 Cisco VNI Complete Forecast Update: Key Trends Include Mobility, M2M and Multimedia Content

Today, Cisco released the 10th annual VNI Global IP Traffic and Service Adoption Forecasts for 2014 – 2019 (see media release). The primary drivers of global IP traffic growth continue to show increases that will create a greater global demand for IP network resources. Source: Cisco Blog As a result of these fundamentals, we are projecting that global IP traffic will …

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