Why should you migrate to 802.11ac?


Are you still using 1st generation 802.11n Access Points?   WHY would you up-grade to the new 802.11ac access points?

Here at the top reasons to migrate to 802.11ac:

  1. CleanAir:    The 1st Generation 802.11n APs (i.e. AP1142)  did not have our SAGE ASIC, which allows the system to PRO-actively identify, Classify, Locate and Mitigate interference
  2. Increased CPU & Memory:  The 802.11ac APs have additional CPU/Memory to handle a more clients per AP,  higher data thruput levels, better roaming for devices and improved RF performance
  3. Increased Data-Rates:  1st gen APs like the AP1142 has a maximum of 300Mpbs datarate.  The AP 1700 supports up to 866 mbps data-rates,  the 2700 and 3700s supports data-rates up to 1.3Gbps.
  4. ClientLink:  The 1700, 2700 and 3700 APs provide increased performance in Transmit Beam Forming.   This increases the performance of all wireless clients  including  older 802.11a/b/g/n access points.
  5. Increased Battery Life:  802.11ac networks with a mix of 802.11ac and .11n clients offer better performance to not only the ac clients, but increased performance for ‘n’ clients as well.
  6. 75% of all new shipping clients will be 802.11ac by end of the year (almost there!).
  7. The 802.11ac standard will be here for the next 6-7+ years. It IS the Wi-Fi standard for the foreseeable future. And comes at NO ADDED COSTover an 802.11n AP.

How about a wireless briefing to discuss this?

Please contact Anthony Lobosco ([email protected]) with any questions and to schedule your wireless briefing today!

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