UCS Performance Manager

  • Download and navigate around UCS Manager yourself – UCS Emulator download link:  https://communities.cisco.com/docs/DOC-37827 – choose “Cisco UCS Platform Emulator version 2.2(3aPE1) – UCS Classic”
  • Visit UCS Performance Manager on Cisco.com: http://www.cisco.com/go/ucsperfmgr
    Key Features
    1. Unifies performance monitoring and management of UCS integrated infrastructure solutions
    2. Dynamically collects information about UCS servers, network, storage, and virtual machine host information using an agentless information gathering approach
    3. Delivers real-time views of fabric and data center switch bandwidth usage and capacity thresholds
    4. Discovers and creates a relationship model of each system, giving data center staff a single, accurate view of all of their physical and virtual components
    5. Allows staff to drill down into individual UCS infrastructure components when troubleshooting and resolving issues
    Key Benefits
    1. Deep visibility of UCS component-level performance for service profiles, chassis, fabric extender, adapters, VIC, ports, and uplinks for granular data center monitoring
    2. Maintain SLAs with optimal resource allocation by preventing under-provisioning and avoiding performance degradation
    3. Monitor component/application-centric view of SLA health and performance from a single console eliminating multiple tool

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