Unified Access Wired-Wireless 5 AP/50 Port Offers – Year End Promotion Bundles!

Unified Access Wired-Wireless 5 AP/50 Port Offers
Get the latest 10G switching and 802.11ac technologies for small and medium-size businesses

These three new bundles are perfect for enabling small and mid-size enterprise and branch office transitions to 802.11ac and 10G Ethernet. All come with PoE-enabled ports, the latest 802.11ac


Expiration Date: 24 July 2016
Eligible Products: Catalyst 2960-X, 3650, 3850, WLC 2504, AP 1700I, AP 2700I/E, AP3700I/E



UA Base Bundle
Cisco Switches
2 x Catalyst 2960-X, each includes:
2 x 10G, LAN Base, PoE, StackingCisco Wireless
1 x WLC2504 (optional)
15 x AP Licenses
5 x AP 2700I/E or AP 1700I
from $13K*
UA Advanced Bundle
Cisco Switches
2 x Catalyst 3650, each includes:
2 x 10G or 4 x 10G
IP Base, PoE, Stacking
10 x AP IOS licensesCisco Wireless
5 x AP 3700/E or 5 x AP 2700I/E
from $15.5K**
UA Plus Bundle
Cisco Switches
2 x Catalyst 3850, each includes:
2 x 10G, IP Base, UPoE, StackingCisco Wireless
10 x AP IOS licenses
5 x AP 3700/E

from $24K**

Includes optional controller
** based on 2 x 10G option
Antenna Domains: A, C, D, E, H, K, N, Q, S, T, Z (internal and external)

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