Webinar: Cisco Email Security: Deliver secure email to anyone, anywhere, on any device. March 24, 2016 @ 12pm EST

You and your employees click the Send button hundreds of times a day. With the potential for revenue and intellectual property losses, a damaged reputation, compliance violations, and the liability associated with breaches, email must be carefully protected more than ever. Encryption is the answer and although encryption is a complex technology, the user experience must be easy for it to be effectively used.
Join us to learn how ZixGateway with Cisco Technology enables you to:
  • Send highly secure email to anyone, anywhere, and often transparently
  • Make delivery transparent for senders and receiver
  • Deploy easily and quickly with no training required for end users
  • Provide on-premises, transparent integration with Cisco Email Security Appliance (ESA) for content inspection
  • Utilize Best Method of Delivery for sending encrypted messages, including PostX Envelope
This presentation will feature ZixGateway with Cisco Technology. The presenters will cover features, benefits, integration with Cisco ESA, promotions and pricing models.




Khelan Bhatt
Product Manager

Khelan Bhatt, Product Manager, builds and launches Cisco’s next generation of Security products. Khelan is focused on bringing the capabilities of Cisco’s security solutions to customers across public clouds such as AWS and Azure and enhancing Cisco Intercloud’s security offerings. Khelan has also worked to accelerate product development and go-to-market by leveraging Cisco’s vibrant security partner ecosystem and has spearheaded a technical championship program with channel partners.


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