30 Ways to be Digital

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For 30 years, Cisco’s technology has changed the way the world works, lives, plays and learns. And while some companies are aspiring to be digital, we’ve always been digital.

Help celebrate Cisco’s 30th by continuing to be a digital leader – below are some suggestions to get you started:

  1. Visit and login to the new 30th anniversary site; the first ever Cisco website that brings together internal and external content and audiences in a single place, built on our new WEM platform as a glimpse into the future of our Integrated Digital Experience Architecture (IDEA).
  2. Download the Cisco App, one of the top 5 most popular Cisco apps and now optimized for the tablet.
  3. Tweet out to your social network your favorite reason to work at Cisco in celebration of the 30th Anniversary. (use #wearecisco #cisco30 #spot30)
  4. Submit an image of something ‘30’ to Instagram and tag it #wearecisco #cisco30 #spot30 as part of the photo contest.
  5. Use SEO best practices and guidelines to improve your search rankings so customers and partners can find your content.
  6. Visit the cisco.com home page on a tablet or your smartphone and notice how it resizes automatically to your device via responsive web.
  7. Support the Global Hunger Relief campaign online and join Cisco’s 12th annual campaign to end hunger.
  8. Watch a video on Cisco’s YouTube channel.
  9. Visit Cisco’s online communities and connect with others to share your knowledge.
  10. Manage your mobile app and follow the guidelines from the Mobile App Management community.
  11. Get your Digital Certification and use the power and momentum of digital to your advantage.
  12. Read the Cisco.com Digital blog and follow SMEs and their viewpoints.
  13. Utilize the expertise of the Cisco TV script-to-screen team (creative video production) and get started today on an engaging video.
  14. Check out our editorial resources for creating digital content and join the Words community for more content guidelines.
  15. Share your favorite Cisco video with your network.
  16. Visit the Cisco-hosted online Security Community for best practices on emerging threats and effective defensive security ideas.
  17. Learn about how Cisco has been using social selling.
  18. Think globally on your next project and reach out to the global digital engagement team to get started.
  19. Help the America Red Cross respond to disasters by becoming a digital volunteer.
  20. Get the most out of your homepage banners or ads with best practices for imagery.
  21. Take a look at the amazing things Cisco makes possible around the world.
  22. Review the user experience guidelines and standards to ensure our visitors have a successful digital experience.
  23. Add captions to your videos as it increases video completion rate by 30% on average.
  24. View the Digital Dashboards for KPIs/ metrics on the Cisco customer journey.
  25. Get the latest Marketing Style Guide for guidance on improving internal and external communications.
  26. Listening is not enough; discover social media’s ‘ABCs and 123s’ for guidelines to join the conversation and to prioritize your response.
  27. Add video overlay call-to-actions to your videos to generate reveals and leads.
  28. Engage with the digital engagement team to implement your marketing campaign.
  29. Comment and share your thoughts on your favorite digital Friday Factoid.
  30. Demonstrate Cisco’s digital leadership and be digital every day for the next 30 days.

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